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Match info in English language, hopefully to be spread by our supporters:

Hi shooter from abroad!

Did you realize that the ISSA-Steelshooting is now - for at least one year of evaluation - official part of the BDS-Sport-Programm? As you know, the BDS is the second largest shooters association in Germany and the really important one for CF-Handgun, shotgun and rifle-shooting. It´s president, Friedrich Gepperth, is well known shooters representative and - not at least - hi ranked IPSC-Official.

Did you make plans to join our match in March (17.-19.3.2017) in Langenau, Germany (Geocoordinates: 50.846667,13.299516)? In the main match we offer a shootoff for rimfire Handgun and converted handgun on Friday,, four Centerfire Handgun classes (Rev. and Post. iron sights and open class) on Sunday and three shotgun divisions on Saturday. Each shooter can participate in every division of the main match, as they are organized to happen in a row. 
As well we have at least one side match, the OLAF-BENZ-TIME-TARGET, to be done with "Airsoft", with minimum 500 Euro price money. In addition we organize a "Poker-Match" for shotgun, in which 50 % of the fees are donated to the winner.
We preserved hotel-rooms for special prices and offer a shooters-shuttle between range and the local hotels.  
We pay money prices to the division winners and make a lottery with worthy prices in which every start in the main match is a winning, the shooters can choose from the priceable in a row.
About 50 % of the match are booked yet.


Further information and the rules are ready for download on our website. We are also on Facebook: (www.facebook.com/groups/steelshootingde/). Apply there to join the group.

Do not hesitate to make contact with me (TK@steelshooting.de), if there are any questions. We would be honored, if you could participate in our match.

You can meet Mike Gallion, the ISSA-World-President, before and during the match. Other high-ranked officials of the German-Shooting-World will be there.

Thanks for your kind attention - and -
... be careful outside there!

Hope to meet you at the range!