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Welcome, Friends! 

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you all to the International Steel Shooting Association’s third annual ISSA Falling Steel German Championships here in Langenau/Saxony.

Last year’s match was outstanding, and I expect this year’s match to be even better! Tilmann and the rest of the team put on marvellous and stunning event last year. For this year I am looking foward to meet a lot of important guests, see the implementation of the new perfectly elaborated German Chapter rules and the proof of the quality of the ISSA-Project.
Thanks to president Fritz Gepperth and the honourable officials of the board of the BDS, the first steps to get the desired place in the official rulebook of the BDS could be done by the ISSA-team of the German Chapter. Nevertheless another stoney way might have to be done, to approve the ISSA-Steelshooting to be legalized "Sportschießen" under the view of the complex German weapon´s law.

I wish you all the best, fast runs, lots of hits,  good times, good luck, fellowship, safe shooting, safe travel, and most of all, lots of fun!

Mike Gallion

Executive Director - International Steel Shooting Association